How We Work - AI Prescience

How We Work

There are 3 priorities that shape the way we approach our work: Delivering High Quality; Leaving Clients in Better Shape; Collaboration & Knowledge Sharing.

Priority #1:
Deliver High Quality AND Reduced Risk

Like all good services firms, we aim to deliver high quality work every time. Hopefully that’s a given, whomever you choose for your AI work.

But for now, avoiding over-optimistic suppliers, flaky skills and inflated rates is as tricky as getting good work.

So we’ve designed our business model to reduce your commercial risk. We believe this allows us to create relationships and a reputation that will endure as the market evolves.

How we ensure high quality & reduced risk:

  • Flexible, results-based feesreduce the risk of paying for work you’re not happy with
    We are happy for our fees to be value-based. This means what you pay is linked to successful delivery of agreed outcomes. Those outcomes could be “hard” results, such as a quantifiable business metric. They could also be more subjective measures such as your satisfaction.
  • 100% client confidentialityreduce the risk of others gaining competitive benefit from your work
    We don’t share any information about clients or projects with anyone else. This includes sales and marketing material. Nor will we ask you to provide references to other clients.
  • No “pre-canned” workreduce the risk of receiving less than excellence from us
    All work is customised to your needs and circumstances, including education sessions. We don’t provide a fixed formula for initial engagements, nor a generic set of templated deliverables.

Priority #2:
Leave Clients in Better Shape for AI

We believe understanding and using data is becoming a core competence for businesses. That includes managing associated technologies, such as AI and analytics.

So we want to help businesses become more self-sufficient in data science and AI wherever possible. Ideally, the longer we work with you, the more you can do yourself. And the more difficult (and interesting!) the problems you ask us to help with.

This doesn’t mean we don’t deliver AI projects or only do education work. Rather, it shapes how we would like to work with you. It also determines our preferred team structures. It also heavily influences our style of working.

Priority #3:
Work Collaboratively & Share Knowledge

At the heart of how we work are collaboration and knowledge transfer. We expect – and sometimes will insist – that we work closely with at least one of your people day to day.

Often, our role will be to enable your team to succeed with AI. That can be the case even when your primary goal is for us to deliver a piece of self-contained AI technology development. Before, during and after the work, we seek ways to make your future projects better in some way.

What This Means in Practice

We Typically Provide Small Teams To Work With You

Some work only needs one or two of our people, especially initial engagements. Most other services involve slightly larger teams, usually in single digits.

Regardless of team size, our people have the expertise and knowledge to solve your problem. But our aim is to find the solution with you, and jointly create it.

We Can Also Provide or Help Find Larger Teams

If your problem needs a larger team – into double figures – you will usually have several options. These will depend on skills in your organisation, your existing supplier relationships, and your longer term AI sourcing plans.

We can provide larger teams, but are equally comfortable helping you choose or build one for yourself. If appropriate, we can also kick off larger projects while you get other resources in place.

We Are Flexible About Where & How We Work

Sometimes our team will be at your premises, working as an extension of your organisation.

Other times, it makes more sense for us to work remotely, on self-contained tasks or deliverables.

We are comfortable with both models, and variations in between.

But there will always be one of us spending time with you, at your location. Their role is to ensure you get what you need, and we’re doing all we can to help.

If We’re Not the Answer, We Can Help You Find It

AI is not a short term play, and we grow our own business by investing in long term relationships. That means providing value even if no immediate work follows.

We are confident we can help in most situations where you’re looking to solve a business problem with AI. But we are also comfortable knowing there’ll be valid reasons why you may choose not to work with us on a particular occasion.

If it helps, we are happy to share our knowledge of the AI marketplace. This includes introducing you to partners, peers and even competitors whom we respect.

Want to discuss ethical, responsible AI in your business?