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HR, Finance, Legal & Administration

“Administrative” functions like HR, Finance & Legal are traditionally characterised by huge volumes of paperwork, and many policy-led activities. Both these features lend themselves to AI and machine learning.

Finance is also a function that drives or supports planning, forecasting and MIS across many other areas of a business. So it is a strong candidate for using Big Data, Analytics and Visualisation to increase its value to the overall business.

Finally, all 3 – and similar – areas tend to have large clerical headcounts. So a business looking for cost reduction through headcount efficiency will want to explore RPA opportunities.

Some areas of HR where AI, ML & Big Data can be applied include:

  • Recruitment, including CV Screening & Interviewing
  • Appraisals & Performance Management
  • Employee Communication
  • Expense, Vacation & Payroll Processing
  • Diversity & Accessibility Monitoring & Support

Some areas of Finance where AI, ML & Big Data can be applied include:

  • Period-end Reporting & Analysis
  • Financial Controls & External Reporting
  • Deal/Project Pricing & Approvals
  • Invoice & Purchase Order Processing
  • Accounting e.g. journal entries, allocations & reconciliations

Some areas of Legal where AI, ML & Big Data can be applied include:

  • Discovery i.e. Document Scanning & Analysis
  • Identifying Relevant Precedents & Cases
  • Contract Reviews
  • Contract & Other Legal Document Preparation
  • Compliance Exposure Assessment

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