Improve customer service using AI

Customer Service & Contact Centres

Managing communications with existing & prospective customers is one of the most significant parts of large B2C businesses. There have been several waves of outsourcing, offshoring and automation, some of which have been rejected by customers.

For most large B2C organisations, Customer Service is a combination of Contact Centres and online channels – increasingly encompassing social media platforms.

AI, ML & Big Data are already core to Contact Centre technology and online support. But with the emergence of more sophisticated computer speech, there are further waves to come.

Some areas of Contact Centre work where AI, ML & Big Data can be applied include:

  • Customer Calls using Computer Speech
  • Call Scripting & Guidance
  • Call Analysis & Improvement
  • Call Traffic & Resource Management
  • Voice-based Customer Self-Service

Some areas of Online Customer Service where AI, ML & Big Data can be applied include:

  • Intelligent FAQs
  • Voice & Text-based Chatbots
  • Social Media Interaction
  • Customer Sentiment Analysis
  • Pre-sales Support

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