Our “AI Effectiveness” Services

For businesses ready to build & use AI

We help businesses equip themselves with the right skills, tools and products to solve business problems using AI. We also provide hands-on support for AI delivery projects and programmes. This includes taking on responsibility for delivery, if appropriate.

AI Programme Definition & Planning

Creating the right programme of work to build and implement effective AI solutions for your business, and setting up your AI projects for success.

AI Skills & Sourcing

Determining the appropriate balance of skills and experience for your AI work, and helping find them. Assessing and deciding what AI capability to build in-house, and what to outsource. Building in-house AI capability, including how to procure and manage outsourced skills.

AI Product & Vendor Selection

Identifying and evaluating AI products, services and vendors.

AI Project Delivery & Support

Working with your AI teams to deliver or recover AI projects. This may involve delivering some or all of the work. Other times it may be through reviews, trouble-shooting, or by providing project leadership.

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