Knowledge, Insight & Research to Prepare for an AI-Powered Future

Who We Are

We provide expertise grounded in extensive hands-on experience of improving business using AI, data & digital technology. We’re supported by a network of individuals & partners whom we call upon for extra capacity or specialist skills.

We Know What We’re Talking About &
We Walk the Talk

Anyone you work with from AI Prescience will have the right skills and experience for the tasks at hand. They will bring pragmatism, and relentless focus on results, quality & business value.

Our teams are comprised of experts with many years of experience in relevant disciplines. This includes working with and for technology heavyweights, such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Accenture, Infosys and Wipro. Our academic & professional education has been with institutions of equivalent academic stature in the UK, India and USA.

When we need to ramp up our teams, we call upon a global network of experienced data scientists, consultants, technical specialists and developers. We also build strong relationships with researchers, product vendors and complementary services firms.

Money Is Inevitably Important,
But Other Things Drive Us

We are privately owned and funded, with no external financial pressures. So our decisions & priorities aren’t driven or constrained by investors’ growth or margin targets.

Our only financial goal is to run a healthy, sustainable business. We believe how we behave when making our money is as important as how much we make. Among other things, this means treating our clients, employees, partners and suppliers with fairness, respect & integrity. You can find out more about what this means for you here.

We believe we’ll achieve our non-financial goals by being uncompromising about doing high quality work that delivers demonstrable business value. And being honest when we face problems.

But it’s not just any business we’re building – it’s an AI business. We’re all fascinated by the power of data, the evolution of technology and the emergence of artificial intelligence.

We are optimistic about the opportunities but concerned about the challenges – or rather, how people will respond to them. We’re in equal parts excited and apprehensive about what AI is doing to the world around us.

We’ve created AI Prescience because we’d like to play our small part in shaping how the world learns to use and live with Artificial Intelligence.

Was Rahman

Founder & CEO

A technology professional, entrepreneur & consultant, with global experience in data, analytics & AI. Impeccable academic & professional education credentials in AI-relevant fields from institutions including Oxford & Stanford.

Was is a technology consultant, entrepreneur & published author, with many years of global experience in the fields of data, analytics and AI. He is currently based in London.

He has worked with enterprises, startups and governments. His career includes leadership positions in global technology firms including Accenture, Infosys and Wipro. He has also been an advisor on the Global Technology Industry for the UK Government, and briefed political leaders from the UK & India on technology policy matters.

His academic credentials include qualifications in physics & computer science from Oxford & Coventry Universities. His AI and data science education is courtesy of Stanford, Johns Hopkins, Amazon and Google among others. Was has taught classes at the Saïd Business School, Oxford, Judge Business School, Cambridge and IIT Madras.

Was is an experienced public speaker, and has chaired numerous international conference sessions. He has been invited to speak at events organised by institutions including the IoD, NASSCOM, the Financial Times and the Governments of India and the UK. He has participated in & helped organise high profile international events, including the inaugural WEF Young Global Leaders Forum, and the official launch of Tech City.

Priya Kurien

Non-Executive Director

A technology consulting leader, with 20+ years’ global experience delivering complex IT to transform businesses. She is at IBM, solving data, business intelligence & complex technology problems.

Priya is a technology consulting leader, with 20+ years’ global experience delivering complex IT to transform businesses. Now London-based, she works for IBM where she is part of the leadership team for their UK telecoms consulting business.

Her primary focus is data technologies, artificial intelligence & digital transformation. She has particular interest in 5G enterprise technology solutions and quantum computing.

Priya has spent her career working directly with CIOs & IT executives, and has earned a reputation for finding solutions where others have given up. She’s worked with some of the biggest tech names, including a few when they were starting out.

An accomplished author and speaker, she has published journal papers on technology and strategy, and a book on the history and evolution of IT services.

Priya has a Masters degree in Information Systems & numerous technology and consulting certifications. An accredited CMM assessor, she was part of the team that led Infosys to CMM levels 4 and 5 in its early days.

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