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AI Technology & Project Services

Our AI Technology & Project services help you deliver AI/ML technology projects more effectively and efficiently. We work alongside in-house & 3rd party teams, or can be your interim delivery partner while you’re putting in place long term delivery options.

Our AI Technology & Project services fall into three categories:

  • AI/ML Delivery Assurance & QA, to ensure AI/ML projects deliver expected results
  • Investigating & Resolving AI/ML Problems & Challenges in your past & current work
  • AI/ML Technical Development supporting your teams or as interim delivery partner

NB If we work in an advisory or assurance role, we are restricted in any development work we can offer, because of the potential for conflict of interest or its appearance.

We can work with or as part of your in-house AI/ML team, adding speed, quality & experience to projects. This includes problems which are proving difficult to resolve, or where there’s a lack of clarity around a project or technology decision. We can also represent your interests in your relationships with 3rd party suppliers. If you don’t yet have an AI/ML partner or in-house team in place, we can deliver AI/ML project work while you’re doing so.

AI/ML Delivery Assurance & QA

We can provide independent quality and delivery reviews of AI/ML work, both outsourced and in-house. With the former, there may be contractual constraints on how this can be done.

Unlike much AI/ML work, best-in-class software development teams use quality assurance to ensure effective systems are built efficiently. It’s also an intrinsic component of continuous improvement.

Our AI/ML Delivery Assurance services apply QA and assurance techniques from other engineering disciplines (especially software) to AI & ML work, modified appropriately.

AI/ML Delivery Assurance work at several levels, including:

  • Code-level inspection
  • Requirements traceability
  • Data integrity & governance
  • Project plans & estimates
  • Business readiness & impact

We use proprietary techniques to address the unique features of AI & Machine Learning. For example, machine learning is designed to change itself over time, which creates fundamental and even conceptual challenges for some conventional software quality principles.

Investigating & Resolving AI/ML Problems

We are happy to be brought in to help with specific technical challenges you may be facing in your AI/ML work.

Sometimes, simply having an external perspective is sufficient. Other times, you may be facing an obscure technology “feature” that only appears in certain situations.

Our aim is to help you identify the causes of problems, and develop pragmatic solutions, workarounds or alternatives.

This kind of work is particularly effective when done retrospectively, rather than in “crisis mode”. Reviewing problems that have repeated over several projects lends itself to more systemic resolution.

AI/ML Development & PoCs

If you need to delivery AI/ML work while sorting out your long term sourcing approach, we can provide technical development and project delivery on an interim basis.

You may also choose to use us to build AI/ML proofs of concept (PoCs), to rapidly explore and validate the best way to approach a solution. Building full scale solutions can be handed off to in-house or 3rd party teams, more familiar with your integration & production needs.

We provide flexible technical development options, and adapt to your needs and priorities. For example, we can work on your premises if collaboration or knowledge transfer are important. Conversely our teams can be based remotely, if speed and cost are your priority.

Our skills lie across the AI/ML landscape, with expertise in most common technology platforms and tools.

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