AI Education & Awareness Services
Knowledge, Insight & Research to Prepare for an AI-Powered Future

AI Business Education & Awareness

Our AI Business Education & Awareness Services equip your teams with the knowledge and confidence to start introducing AI into your organisation, and ensure business priorities drive AI/ML work, rather than technology choices.

Our AI Education & Awareness services are aimed at 3 audiences:

  • Business Executives deciding on organisational direction & strategy
  • Technology Leaders responsible for delivering AI/ML solutions & building AI/ML capability
  • Business Staff & Managers whose work will change because of AI & ML

All our AI Education work is tailored to your needs. Some elements may be custom-designed for your specific goals; others may be standard modules addressing common circumstances.

We are happy to deliver one-off sessions, perhaps as a “taster” to working with us.

Education may also be part of broader AI/ML programmes. For example, AI strategy and roadmap development, or introduction of ML solutions into a business process.

Format of AI Education Sessions

Our sessions are held in person, in a workshop format. There will generally be 1-2 workshop leads, with typical audience sizes of 3-12. Audiences are usually members of common group, such as a management team, project or department.

Typical Session Durations

Workshop durations vary from half-day to three days. Where more needs to be covered than fits into three days, we recommend a series of shorter sessions spread over a period of weeks.

Sample AI Business Education Topics

These are typical topics we cover. These can be combined, or supplemented with topics you propose to meet your specific needs.

AI Business Education for Executives

An Executive Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Data Science

AI Business Education for Strategy

AI/ML Opportunity & Competitor Assessment for [YOUR ORGANISATION]

Implications of AI & ML on Corporate Policies including Ethics, Governance, Legal/Statutory & PR/Brand

The Impact of AI/ML on [INDUSTRY] e.g. Retail, Media, Insurance, Healthcare, Professional Services

AI Business Education to Improve Operational Performance

The Impact of AI/ML on [BUSINESS FUNCTION] e.g. Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Distribution

Using AI/ML to improve [BUSINESS METRIC/PROBLEM] e.g. Customer Churn, Warehouse Losses, Price Optimisation

AI Business Education to Build Organisational AI Capability

Evolution & Options for Building AI/ML Organisational Capability e.g. Skills, Structure, Tools, Sourcing

The Impact of AI/ML on [SPECIFIC IT PRACTICE] e.g. Agile, Testing, Requirements Traceability, Cloud Usage

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