AI Supplier Profiles

Below you’ll find profiles & views on a few 3rd party providers of AI services & products. These include established market leaders and new kids on the AI block.

Currently we’ve only published a small handful of our available material. We’ll be expanding this in due course, but if there’s a particular name you’d like a view on, please get in touch.

There are also a few articles describing a particular type of product or service, or elaborating on relevant issues and considerations when using them.

These aren’t recommendations, so please do your own due diligence if you use any of them.

Finally, unless otherwise stated, we have no commercial relationship with any of the vendors mentioned, and never accept payment or commissions if one of our clients uses them.

AI Services & Skills

Organisations with AI knowledge and experience to do artificial intelligence work for you, often by providing people to work on your AI problem, but not always. It also includes providers of AI skills you can use to augment your own in-house team.

AI Solutions & Platforms

Software products that solve business problems using AI without the need to develop a bespoke system from scratch. These can include “out of the box” packages that need little more than your data. They also cover powerful AI platforms, which require AI and data science expertise to configure and deploy.

AI Tools & Technologies

The software and hardware you’ll need to invest in to equip an in-house AI team to build bespoke artificial intelligence solutions.